DXC Ventures

Our Focus: advising companies in their investment activities in China

DXC Ventures is a China-based investment and venture advisory firm. Since 2012, DXC Ventures has been advising close to a dozen of companies over 4 years on their investments activities in mainland China through end-to-end corporate advisory services. We focus in both outbound and inbound investments in China.

We are focusing on transaction of 500,000 USD to 10,000,000 USD.

DXC Ventures combines international vision with Chinese identity and roots. We are committed to closer integration of Western and Asian businesses. We also believe innovation and innovative trends are fundamentally transforming the way we live, work and interact in a global scale.

Our focus is on promoting relationships and building bridge between European and Chinese business corporations. We offer business strategic planning as well as capital market and M&A advisory services.

DXC Ventures capital china

Capital markets advisory solutions:

-> Initial Public Offerings in China

-> Capital raising in China

-> Design of financing packages in China


Merger and acquisition advisory solutions:

-> Business valuation in China

-> Identification and screening of Chinese investors

-> Design of presentation deck and pitch-book in both Chinese and English

Business development strategy solutions:

-> China Joint venture and local partners screening and identification

-> China Local governance advisory

-> Financial forecasts and cash-flow statement in Chinese market

-> Public relation and press release strategies in China


DXC Ventures unique understanding of best practices and red flags in Chinese venture results from years of research in the Chinese market, especially assisting foreign-investors in their market entry. Our approach is strongly data-driven, reinforced by the strategy and market research identity of our parent, leading China-based strategy and market research group Daxue Consulting.

We firmly believe that in China, the success of your venture operation will be a matter of details, and the best knowledge of your market environment will be the key to twist the balance on your side. DXC Ventures ensured successful venturing of European corporation by using its experience to quickly implement best practice frameworks and add tailored development strategies.


DXC ventures capital China

DXC Ventures tailored approach

DXC Ventures methods are customized to the situation and the investment needs of each of our European clients. Through our methodologies, processes and knowledge, we are able to level up the offers in terms of synergies, valuation and shared interests.

We leverage our close-to-market position and the data-collection capabilities of our parent Daxue Consulting to develop a pragmatic consulting approach. It means that standardized solutions are avoided. Rather, we work on long-term relationship (average of 4 years per project) allowing us to develop unique extended knowledge of their stakes and their market dynamics. DXC Ventures ensures its clients a special attention from our senior management team at any step of the process.

We start any project with our European clients by an 1-day workshop with our senior managers and their team. It allows DXC Ventures to gain a deep awareness of the client ambition and stakes in China as well as the client’s team to extend their understanding of Chinese environment, business practices and investment dynamics. The workshop ends with a full project design including key milestones and local partner screening criteria definition.

Our team will then leverages our market research capabilities to collect strategic data regarding the client’s needs and support future decision-making. DXC Ventures is fully dedicated to short-term outcomes serving the final objective of its clients. By including intermediary objectives in our project timelines, we ensure to remain in the right direction at any step of your investment in China. It includes intermediary meetings with the client at a frequency convenient for the client.



Combining local experience and international vision

At the very initial stage, DXC ventures has been created through the constitution of a group of business angels open to all China-based alumni of top business schools from 32 countries. The group knowledgeable angels is established in China, Japan, Europe and northern America and gathers 3 to 12 times a year, depending on the intensity of opportunities and the city. Members of the group are chasing for opportunities to invest in. They aim at investing in targeted start-ups or small businesses to bring their knowledge and money at work.

DXC ventures was established next to the network to support financing needs of the targeted start-ups and small-to-medium sized companies.

Our full-time consultant team is based in Beijing and Shanghai. Having strong local roots along with our international identity gives us a unique advantage in driving inbound and outbound investment in China. Our team is multicultural with collaborators from any continent and ensures us to provide strong understanding of our client’s cultural and business background, no matter its country of origin. Moreover we have strong experience in both screening Chinese investors to European companies and advising companies on their investments in mainland China.