Daxue consulting is reaching 30 employees in mainland china

By end of 2016, Daxue consulting’s team has reached the number of 30 and moved to new offices (see pictures in the slider). The company consists of 8 nationalities, the largest one being naturally the Chinese one. The team counts people from China, Hong-Kong, France, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, South Korea and Germany. Each project is overseen by at a couple of consultants – most of there the time a Chinese and another nationality. This set-up aims at challenging frameworks, supposed knowledge and get a more scientific and unbiased approach to research. So far, the background of the team is mainly made of people with a business background, business degrees, and overseas studies. The entire team is fluent in English and non-Chinese consultants are at least HSK 4.  Regarding the culture of the company, an emphasis is given to responsibility and empowerment for each project team on each project.

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